Awesome review information about New SsangYong Rexton

Posted on September 16, 2017 in Cars, New

The new rexton is more premium, sophisticated and better built product when compared to its predecessor. This car is also better to drive and it is expected to be launched in this year. New rexton is the big deal for SsangYong. Many features are involved in the Mahindra SsangYong rexton such as cruise control, infotainment system and electrically adjust seats. The cruise control allows the people to enjoy long highway trip without pressing accelerator. The video, audio and navigation system lets you to fiddle with different range of features via touch screen.

Everything to know about SsangYong Rexton

SsangYong is the automotive manufacturer based in the Seoul, South Korea. In fact 70% of the market share was acquired by the Mahindra and Mahindra in the year of 2011. This vehicle is equipped with the multiple passive and active safety systems. Electronic Stability Program is the heart of this car that can frequently monitor direction and movement of SUV. Braking is skilfully designed and keep the passengers feeling safe at all time. Many of the statistics shown that rexton has anti roll over protection which can closely monitor huge range of the parameters and it is having capability to identify potential driving condition that might lead to automobile rolling over. For enhancing safety, it comes with the multiple airbags like side and dual front airbags. The door ajar warning system and engine immobilizer is located in rear and front crumple zones that can make the ride in safest way. When you plan to choose this awesome car, you must know about certain things such as

  • Engine and transmission
  • Capacity
  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Other features and specifications

As everyone knows rexton is the tauter, smarter and more practical car and there are more numbers of the features are involved in this car. It has top speed of 180 kmph and 13.5 seconds acceleration speed of this car. Linear surge of power and long gearing is allowing the engine to pull well so that you can acquire excellent riding experience. It is powered by 2.7 liter RX270 XDi and this diesel engine delivers power packed 162 bhp along with the 340Nm torque. It can deliver impressive mileage of 13.5 kmpl on highways and 12.4 kmpl intra city. It is coupled with the elegant centre console, auto headlamps, automatic climate control and convenient centre armrest. Navigation system comes with preloaded maps and infotainment unit is having touch sensitive. It is widely supports audio and video formats so that you can hear your desire music. This car can comfortably accommodate more than seven people so that you can take a trip to explore the world along with your family members. The driver seat is eight way electrically adjustable and it is always coming with the lumbar support. The second and third row seats are having seat folding so it could be easily accessible to the driver. The hand brake, gear lever and 4 spoke power steering is wrapped with the leather which tends very urbane look to SUV.

To know about new SsangYong rexton car

The car is looking good and it is offering smooth riding. It is the excellent car automatic version. This car has cruise control system, fully automatic climate control system, memory function with the three driver presets and electric sunroof with the tilt or open function. The masculine SUV is fully equipped with the internal rear view motor which can automatically adjustable so that you can drive the car in comfortable way. Rexton has more numbers of the storage space like center console armrest and overhead sunglass holder.